Ohhhhhh weekend

The great thing about being a house junkie is hat when you do leave the house (as in go out) it’s a whole happening. So after december I basically did not go out at least nothing major. Than there was krontokuku last weekend, an event that happens once in a quarter. So I hyped up my friends, yeah I can’t go by myself.

The dress code was jeans. Big ass problem. Somehow we all got a bit fat (still sexy though) so nobody’s ass wanted to fit in their jeans pants. Shopping spree. Yay… normally yes but this time it was a Nay! Shopping ain’t fun anymore, blame it on my new found best friend “saving”. I winded up buying a blouse and turning my closet upside down just to find a skirt I bought a view years back.

And finally came Saturday. We decided that we could all fit in one car. Parking was hilarious. The guy at the front of the parking space only spoke Portugese -_-, nobody understood a word. So sign language was the only other option. We parked the car. We asked the man who helped us find a spot how we were suppose to get to the rooftop. He said we could walk pass the door in front of us and find an elevator. He asked us we were 21. Uhm plus 9 thank you. Flirty Dirty Thirty. This is a great age to be. I love being thirty.

Lights, flashing little lights, funny sounds and a big ass crowd. Ohhh this is what a casino looks like from the inside. free food and drinks. We got lost of course because nobody was paying attention. Had to ask were we could find the elevator.

Found it… and up we went.

The reception was waiting on us. We got offered a krotokuku and a glass of wine. No thank you we just left our voluntary contribution in the box and went in to find our self a good seat. Sorry for those who came late, because the show started on time.

It was an awesome night. The music was good! The atmosphere was so relaxing. The crowd was amazing.

And after the party came the… after party. We were shaking our booty like somebody was paying us. I recalled my friend was twerking at one point.. at least she was trying, hahaha. We danced for three hours straight we even danced our way out of there.

The 90’s were really good years when it comes to music. RNB where did you go???? I forgot how good the RNB songs were. Usher, Brian mcKnight, Mariah Carey, Brandy, BoysIIMen, Jodeci ahhhhh. 90’s was full of baby making songs, hahahaha. I didn’t know what half of the songs was about but knew all of the lyrics.

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My God is awesome!!

Guess what got cancelled and moved to monday?????

My exam!! 

God knew my hands would not be able to write that fast. 5 o’clock was starting time. At half past 3 we got a text. Cancelleddddd!!! It’s funny God never ever fails us, but most of the time we depend more on people than we do on Him. I sat there staring at me phone shocked!! I could not believe what I was reading. I asked my teacher and coordinator if I could make my exam an hour earlier a day earlier anything before 5 o’clock would be good. They said it was impossible. They definitly don’t know about my God. 😁 

Study mode! 

Feeling stressed. Supposedly I have 1 and a half hour to make a three hour exam tomorrow. Well He never failed me before  He will not fail me now! Maybe the sun will go down late 😃